Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Foreign Money 28 Days Left

It is reported that B. Hussein Obama has raised close to a half BILLION dollars in campaign contributions and that about half of that came from foreign donors. That is ILLEGAL. There is no use in parsing, chewing, hemming, hawing. It is against Federal law for anyone other than an American citizen living outside the country to contribute to an American campaign. Guess what ? It is just as illegal to accept the money. He hasn't been elected and he is already doing just as he darn well pleases. What if he is elected? Hang on - it's gonna be some kind of wild ride.

He has always done as he pleased. I wonder if he was ever told "No" and that it stuck. He has gotten away with everything because he always had the big Race Ace up his sleeve. Those not willing to go along with his criminality were just racist. Anyone seeing through his actions could only do so because they were peering from behind a Klansman's hood. Bull !!

Do not elect this criminal President and let him get out of reach. He should be in the Big House, not the White House

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