Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ask the Question the Media Won't Ask

Ask the questions the media won't ask.

We have wound up in one helluva mess because of the demise of ethical journalism in 2008. Journalists became cheerleaders and remain so today. They are so invested in the current national administration that they cannot even attempt to revive true reportage.

It now falls to us to do our own homework between now and the 2010 elections to find suitable Congressmen and Senators to return the balance of power in the U.S. government. Only the election of conservative legislators can blunt the sword of socialism wielded by Barack Obama and his henchmen.

Below are a few questions to be posed to any and all candidates in the 2010 races, be they incumbents or newcomers. Just ask, "Mr./Ms _______, would you work to see that these things happen within the first year of legislation after your election/re-election? Vote according to what you hear, and be prepared to continually remind the legislator of his/her answer. Ask them all; conservative, liberal or whatnot. Be sure your heretofore conservative is not wavering and neo-conning.

1. Cut off all foreign aid except for one-time grants in case of natural disaster.

2. Inform Israel that the Uncle Sucker umbrella is gone and that Israel's continued viability is directly contingent on its own diplomatic and military abilities. The Middle East problem will soon resolve.

3. Inform the global community that the U.S. has fought its last conventional war and that forcing us into any military action will be fatal beyond all doubt. They will not have time to be either shocked or awed.

4. Drill here. Drill now. Offer tax incentives for the entrepreneurial production of domestic oil and gas and alternative/renewable energy sources. Not one dime for private research. Reward production, not speculation. Low crude prices must not reduce the search for energy independence.If we do not control the supply, prices can and will go up.

5. Roll back all "Green" B.S. forced on us as payment to the radical environmentalists.

6. Announce that anthropogenic climate change (not global warming) is a lie perpetuated to create a new source of income for the redistribution of wealth throughout the world, and proceed under that premise.

7. Repudiate any and all "eco" treaties we have been talked into to our detriment and make it clear that our first and only mission is the sustenance of the United States of America. We will pollute as necessary to sustain our way of life and standard of living. We stand ready to enforce, not defend that position and we are far more capable of doing so than any other nation on earth. See #3.

8. Return the U.S. to the status of a producer of products other than an anemic currency.

9. Place tariff sanctions on products not produced within the borders of the U.S. or its territories, regardless of the domicile of the manufacturer. Bring jobs back to the United States.

10. Seal the borders with the troops returned from our final conventional conflict then round up and deport all illegal aliens regardless of country of origin. Revise immigration rules to make it almost impossible for an uneducated, unskilled, unsponsored person to gain entrance. NO MORE student visas. "Ask not what our country can do for you. Tell us what you can do for our country."

11. Announce that the U.S. is out of the nation building business, and that those citizens or inhabitants of countries which they feel or know to be repressive have our wholehearted blessing in any effort to improve the situation just as long as it is not detrimental the the United States.

12. Invite the United Nations to find another host country and primary financial contributor; then insist.

13. Finally, ask the candidate if they feel that the 2nd amendment to the Constitution is sacrosanct and an excellent tool for the defense of the other amendments.

We are going to have to do our own digging, because truth in reporting is already dead and buried.

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