Sunday, June 29, 2008

How badly do you want to be "globalized" ?

According to the Christian Science Monitor and several other publications, China has now surpassed the United States as the greatest producer of carbon dioxide on the planet. The primary blame for this is the desire of the Chicoms to emulate the American lifestyle. They want it all, and they want it right now. If you don’t think this is true; remember 20 or so year old news clips of Chinese traffic- bicycles. Where are they now ? Probably stashed behind the Volvo, Porsche and Mercedes dealerships which have sprung up in major cities. Bear in mind that all of the world’s automakers who sell in the US make special US models to meet our outrageously stringent pollution standards. The cars for sale in China, India, Brazil and other big-time “greenhouse gas” producers cannot be sold in the US because we abide by pollution agreements that others ignore.

It has been suggested that since the US created the desire for the new lifestyle, we should set a better example by cutting down our “ungreen” activities. So it would appear that the US is expected to further cripple ourselves while the “emerging” economies do as they please.
Since the 1950’s it has been known that there were not enough resources worldwide to allow the world to enjoy a standard of living equal to that of the US. That was true then and still is given the growth in worldwide population.

A few weeks ago, Senator Obama stated that we could not drive our SUV’s, eat as much as we want, and keep the thermostat at 72 and expect other countries to just say “OK”. I do not care to continue my “globalization” by driving an unsafe roller skate, going hungry , chilling in winter and sweltering in summer just so some tin pot 5th world spot of land will like me.

I would personally like to repudiate all of the “Green” agreements we have been talked into, then hold a massive rollback of environmental rules we have forced on ourselves at the constant behest of the radical tree-hugging left. Then we could get started on drilling for American oil and developing unshackled and unsubsidized alternative energy. While this is being done we must return to being a country that produces something other than money- a commodity which is quickly losing value as far as the emerging economies are concerned. We must stop buying trash made in the emerging countries and return to pride in “Made in the USA” products.

In the last war we won, WW II, we did it by out producing the enemy and taking the fight to them. As it stands now we are not capable of the production necessary for the desired outcome. If reaching that point means some more CO2, then so be it.

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