Sunday, July 27, 2008

Let them have him !!

The Lord Messiah Barack has been out of the country drumming up votes from foreigners. He has been on a summer trip overseas spreading the word of CHANGE and holding out hope as something he can give to the citizens of the countries he visited when he cannot do a thing for them either as President of the US or in his present state as the Man Who Would Be King. He can no more help them than they can vote for him. The main thing he promises to his European constituency is that he will endeavor to see that Americans are at least as miserable as they are.

It would serve the average American well to realize that other than our money, we are not particularly loved by our counterparts in most of the world. The love affair is chilling because the USD is down vis-a-vis the Euro. They have not one whit of compassion for the average Joe who is suffering from "pump shock". They are just glad to have the company, as in "misery loves---".

Lord Barack broadly hints that he will see to it that being an American citizen will become secondary to being a citizen of the world. The present citizens of the world eat this tripe with a spoon. They have wanted to see Americans brought to a more equal status ever since we caused the liberation of Europe from Nazism, then saved the erstwhile enemy's capital city from starvation. They have wanted a further levelling since the US caused the breakup of the old Soviet Union. Lord Barack offers HOPE that this will happen, and that the CHANGE ; if it comes about; will be forever.

He has been running around with his flotilla of people who call them selves journalists, trying to act Presidential. These so-called journalists are nothing more than shills and sycophants who are not reporting what is, but what they and he hope we will accept.

There are actually organizations for his election in these countries he visited this last week. They want him to win !! It is not actually discernible whether they want him to help or to harm the US. I rather favor the latter when I think about it.

We Americans must realize that if the EU wants him, it is not because he is going to to do anything to help the US. He' s been trying to act Presidential and has failed miserably. If our European friends (?) find him so attractive and Messianic, perhaps he could run for President of everything EXCEPT the US. If he were to, and won, then we could once more liberate Europe.

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