Sunday, June 8, 2008

It would be funny, but it has gone too far.

I understand that Hillary has come as near as she can to resigning the Democratic nomination race. She did reserve the right to take her case to the credentials committee. That is if something wild and wooly comes up before Obama Hussein is officially nominated. I guess that would also work if tragedy were to strike.

Looks like she and Charming Billy are a bit shell shocked that what was construed to be a coronation and a fait accompli has turned to pure merde. Notice that the other early contenders actually appeared in the race just so it could be called a contest. Then came the Black Prince, the Purveyor of CHANGE. The DNC now had the problem of having to choose which of its factions it was going to alienate.

The DNC for decades has pandered to women and Blacks. That coalition served the Dems well in many situations.

While the Clintons had been good and faithful Dems, Willie's proclivities and Hill's reputation had made some anxious to be rid of them. So it was decided to sell out women; who would be more easily regained rather than Blacks who would be forever alienated if they thought there had been reluctance to accept Obama.

Soooo- Hill was sold on the block of expediency.

I can understand them being a bit nonplussed. It must be kinda like having a pro bowl season and being traded for a tenth round draft choice.

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