Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why are we in "interesting times"?

Fuel prices are sky high and going higher. Food prices are close behind. Nothing is being done. What is going on?

We are being set up to be "saved". The liberal congress is not going to move on anything that will ameliorate the misery we are in at the present. They will try to punish oil companies with windfall taxes and squeal bloody murder when that tack is denied by the Senate.

The idea is to let the public "stew" until election time and then promise to "save" us if only they are given virtually complete control- White House, House, Senate the whole thing. They want us desperate and willing to accept whatever amplification of our misery they can invent to ensure expansion and entrenchment.

There is a catch to this. If they fix things, they will "work themselves out of a job". If there is nothing from which we need to be saved. We won't need the Nannies. Sooo- they ain't gonna do much fixing. Over the next few posts we'll look at what they will do if we let them . Interesting stuff like redistribution of wealth, socialization of medical care; maybe even the redistribution of land.

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