Monday, July 28, 2008

Separation anxiety ?? 99 Days left

The Lord Messiah Barack had planned to end his visit to Germany with a visit to the injured service personnel at Landstuhl Hospital. He was also to stop by a couple of Air Force bases and visit with the troops. Such a situation in which to act Presidential !! He could have even practiced his Commander in Chief skills; or picked up a few.

He finally opted to go back to the hotel for a workout. It appears that it was against the rules for him to bring his camera-armed entourage with him. It would not be a photo op for a candidate. He was quite welcome to visit the troops as the senator from Illinois, with a few people in his party.

Throughout the entire trip Lord Barack had protested that the trip was not a part of his campaign, but a fact-finding mission. Once it became obvious that the entire flotilla would not be allowed , his handlers decided that it would not be well to make a Senatorial type visit during a trip that was being financed by the campaign. So, that was it - NO LIGHTS- NO CAMERAS-
NO ACTION !! So- on to the gym !!

Several German women who saw him immediately after the workout gushed and marvelled that "he doesn't sweat". You can bet that he would have broken a sweat if he would have had to face a ward full of wounded guys that he still maintained had failed in their mission and had no chance of success.

I guess that not having his lights, cameras, advisers , and teleprompter along might have caused a case of separation anxiety.

It would have been far classier to have never scheduled the visit than to have done it this way.
But then, class is not a requirement of the office. Pity.

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