Saturday, August 2, 2008

Her way or the highway 94 Days Left

Madame Speaker Pelosi smelled a liberal defeat and and did the honorable, responsible thing- She ran !!

When it became obvious that an up or down vote was impending that would clear the way for the extraction and utilization of domestic oil, Nancy took one for the team. Rather than to expose her fellow liberal congresspeople to flak from their constituencies who are suffering from pump shock; she cut and ran. She cleared the House, turned out the lights and adjourned until Sept. 8. You will note however that the liberal membership killed no time boarding various fossil fuel using modes of transport (fully financed by the taxpayers- you know, those guys paying $4.00 a gallon for gas) and heading for the hills.

It was win-win for She Who is Saving thePlanet. The public remains in misery and more receptive to being saved by the Liberals. She also showed those damned Conservatives who was in charge. In effect, she told the country to go to Hell, she was going home. Just think----

Nancy running the House or running home at will; Harry Reid running the Senate all hooked up with that big-eared clown to rubber stamp their foolishness. Won't life be grand ?

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