Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Yesterday those who have borne a horrific burden of guilt for their part real or imagined in the denial of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness to black people cast off their load and placed their faith in the new Messiah. They afforded him the greatest accolade and honor available to an American, that of President of the USA. Certainly, they reasoned that this move should wipe away their racial sins and those of their benighted ancestors. They congratulated themselves on their willingness to come together with their downtrodden compatriots. It was an "Oh! what a good boy am I" moment. It was rumored that ghostly strains of Kumbya could be heard throughout the land.

Do you think that the race industry will wither and die as a result of this watershed moment? Will Reverend Wright open his pulpit to white evangelicals? Will the old guard like Calypso Louis, Jesse, Al and the rest who have shut up until after election day remain silent? Will the NAACP, the SNCC and the other alphabet groups welcome the newly minted acolytes with open arms? The only thing accomplished on November 4, 2008 was election of a Negro President. That is all.

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godallah said...

black god from the south i love going to war with white fagets who hide behind sheets and suits confederate dum fucks your time is near allah is the greatest fuck your christ.